Backstage Babble

Christine Pedi

July 19, 2021

After a short break, Backstage Babble is BACK, and I am so proud to present my episode with the extraordinarily talented singer, actress, and comedian Christine Pedi. With a career spanning three Broadway shows, a daily radio show on Sirius XM, long-running stints off-Broadway in two hit parody shows, several York Theater revivals, appearances on quite a few hit TV shows, and an ever-growing cabaret career, how could she not have stories to tell? Tune in to hear her talk about how she surprised her parents with her role in Chicago, the Forbidden Broadway skit that she suggested, the magic of Alvin Colt, the advice Jerry Herman gave her, getting compliments from Helen Gurley Brown, imitating Suze Orman to Suze Orman, the logistics of putting together a radio show, how Act One affected her Father, and what she hopes everyone will have learned from Covid. Plus: Angela Lansbury, Gerard Alessandrini, Rick Crom, Fran Weissler, and more!

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