Backstage Babble

Alan Bergman

July 26, 2021

As Backstage Babble approaches it’s year anniversary, I will be airing some of the episodes that best exemplify what I have been trying to do with this podcast. And certainly my conversation with the legendary Alan Bergman fits in that category. At 95, he was able to offer incredible wisdom and stories that are a must-hear for younger generations. He shares the secret to movie scoring, how Fred Astaire made an exception for him, Frank Sinatra’s nickname for him, the unusual prompt that led him to “What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?,” which comes first: the lyrics or the music, the secret to his long-lasting partnership with his wife, Marilyn Bergman, how the idea for Something More! Came about, his musical influences growing up, and the two books every young songwriter must read. Plus: Norman Lear, Barbra Streisand, Michel LeGrand, and more!

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