Backstage Babble

Sherman Yellen

November 1, 2021

Today, I am so thrilled to announce my episode with Emmy Award Winner Sherman Yellen. On TV, his projects include Beauty and the Beast, An Early Frost, and The Adams Chronicles, and on stage he has written the book for Rex, The Rothschilds, and more. Tune in today to hear the many stories of his long career, including sitting under a piano with Marilyn Monroe, why he thought he caught tuberculosis from Harold Pinter, hiring Nicol Williamson, revising The Rothschilds, how he thinks theater has changed, his hit sketch for Oh, Calcutta!, analyzing Richard Rodgers, why he related to Sinclair Lewis, the antisemitism of Maureen O’Hara, why he thinks his newest plays are the best yet, and reflects on the world of opportunity in which he grew up. Mr. Yellen’s new book, Absent Friends, will be available soon.

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