Backstage Babble

Ted Sperling

March 5, 2022

I am so happy to announce the release of Backstage Babble's 99th episode with Tony-winning musical director and  orchestrator Ted Sperling. In addition to his Broadway career, Ted is also the artistic director of Mastervoices, under whose auspices he will be presenting an all-star concert of Anyone Can Whistle at Carnegie Hall this Thursday, March 10, starring Vanessa Williams and Elizabeth Stanley. It’s a must-see event for all theater fans, and tickets are available here:


Anyone Can Whistle


In the meantime, tune in today to hear Ted tell some of the stories of his illustrious career, including getting his start from Paul Gemignani, his long partnership with Victoria Clark, why he decided to leave Ragtime, the tense environment of Titanic, what it was like casting My Fair Lady, the uniqueness of William Finn, building his own circle of collaborators, the very strange experience of Roza, his collaboration with Stephen Sondheim, why Anyone Can Whistle is relevant today, and so much more.

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